Case study // Complex customer data from the IBM database depicted simply on the web

Complex customer data from the IBM database depicted simply on the web


Customer: CED-Holding B.V. Nedderlande
Sector: insurance
Project: web reporting system

Web reporting - international insurance provider provides damage reports

12 languages, an intuitive user concept and integration into the IBM database were the exciting requirements of this project. Planned, designed and programmed by eclore

With an intuitive interface, the customers of Interiura, a former ARAG subsidiary which is now part of CED Holding, can gain information about damages at any time. Users can view different report qualities, depending on their role. Staff can slip into the role of customer to allow them to have the same view of the damage situation when talking to a customer on the telephone.

Millions of figures are processed quickly in a user friendly way and presented in reports. The user management is constantly synchronised with the IBM DB2. New reports can be placed quickly and easily. Neither licences nor the number of reports puts any limits on the system.

Continuous project management and the help of our prototype system allowed eclore to create the online software in a very short period with a diverse team. The database administration in Austria, the customer in the Netherlands and eclore in Germany worked in collaboration on the virtual project table. Stakeholders, the customer's technical departments and production constantly had the same information to allow them to work on the ideal solution.

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