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Efficient website content management systems with connected full-service Internet agency

Content management systems (CMS) from eclore do more than normal CMS, which only allow you to create and manage websites and content. Whether it's a hub for data such as addresses, production data etc., or as a public image tailored to the corporate design with sales promotion elements, our solutions are well thought out, value-adding and an important component of the company strategy.

Using a 360 degree approach, we create website systems for current and potential customers, suppliers and staff. We use tried-and-tested frameworks and systems in open source. We use modern mainstream technologies in a targeted way. Code from proven open source frameworks is checked for quality and modern, cutting-edge technologies must satisfy the guidelines of our technical radar.

This makes us perfectly equipped to develop and support user friendly and lively website systems which correspond to our customers' goals. We take care of development and further development, operate the website and provide reliable backup for our customers in case of bottlenecks.

Our CMS solutions are multilingual in both front and back end, have a granular rights-roles system, integrate other online services, are based on powerful frameworks, are performant, integrate the smartphone and tablet world, are connected to translation services and much more. We use tried-and-tested solutions in order to be kind to our customers' budgets.

An example? Our customers do business worldwide. Many subfields of the system contain excellent translations which we deliver directly in the project.

Here you can see a corporate solution of a content management system.

Here you can see a corporate solution of a content management system. This efficient solution is completely managed by the eclorists. Constantly improved by us, content is input and output via PCs or mobile devices, online services are integrated via APIs, the server works as a stable provider, so that our customers can concentrate on their business.

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