Case study // Sport Pur GmbH - Punch Fitness


Sport Pur GmbH - Punch Fitness
Customer: Sport Pur GmbH - Punch Fitness
Sector: health, B2C, tw. B2B
Project: local online marketing / Google management

High up, further up, right at the top - that's the place!

When someone within a 25km radius of Essen searches for "gym Essen" on Google on the Internet, our customer is high up in the normal search, further up on Google Maps and right at the top on AdWords.

To achieve this, the eclorists analysed the company and the market, in order to realise the new online marketing concept, which included the website. As a certified Google Partner, the full orchestra of Google services was played.

The result: triple visibility for the target group looking, i.e. in the search results, as an AdWords advert and in Google Maps.

The roadmap to success led from keyword profiling, via advertising material production and advertising media management, all the way to optimising the conversion rate.

A clear process with efficient budget use, whose ROAS (return on advertisement sales) is far into the positive today, made it possible to plan and follow the success.

Managing Director Ms. Rebekka Bisten (Tel. +49201/837020) :
"This was the best investment in marketing and essential for our success, unbeatable".

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