Referenz // Corporate raw material trader - financial tool with daily stock exchange informations


Customer: thyssenkrupp Raw Materials GmbH
Sector: Industry
Project: global locations ("Extranet")

Metal price information and finance tool with automatic import of stock exchange data

eclore has been a constant partner to the thyssenkrupp Corporation in all new media matters for many years. As a promotional sales measure, thyssenkrupp Raw Materials provides its customers with current stock exchange rates for metals with an integrated finance tool. Complex stock exchange calculations are illustrated in a simple way and help customer in selecting their purchasing options for metals from thyssenkrupp Raw Materials.

eclore guarantees smooth operation of the web systems, the domains and all connected systems at thyssenkrupp Raw Materials. With a high coverage level in Corporate Design (CD), thyssenkrupp Raw Materials uses the brand strength of the AG on each page, which editors create themselves in the public or private area of the content-management-system. Changes to the CD are automatically updated in cooperation with the brand and marketing management departments at thyssenkrupp. The eclorists carry out software updates, domain administration and monitoring in the background so that the thyssenkrupp Raw Materials employees gain time for their core tasks. One example is that employees throughout the world can inform themselves on company processes or specialist knowledge provided by the editor who is located in the headquarters.

About thyssenkrupp Raw Materials

With the fusion of ThyssenKrupp Metallurgie and ThyssenKrupp MinEnergy, one of the world's leading trading businesses for raw materials was created in 2011 -

ThyssenKrupp Metallurgical Products GmbH. In 2016 the company was renamed in thyssenkrupp Raw Materials. More

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